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Free Together believes that stories have the power to change the world. We share and amplify the stories of real people fighting to build a free, prosperous society.

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Charlie Birnbaum, above, fought back and won. Now he’s telling his story to help others understand the dark side of eminent domain.

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Our History & Mission

FreeTogether.org is a place that gathers and shares the stories of individual Americans who are working to create a free society that respects liberty, private property, personal responsibility, and has a government that listens and is accountable to the people. It’s a place for Americans who feel forgotten by Washington, and who want opportunities for themselves and their families to succeed without interference from government red tape, to come together and discuss their experiences.

We share the stories of people who’ve triumphed, as well as those held down by government overreach or left behind by Washington. If you have a story, please consider sharing it with us.

FreeTogether.org is made possible by people at the State Policy Network (SPN) and nonprofits across the country that are working to roll back unnecessary government red tape so everyone has the opportunity to succeed. SPN is a national nonprofit organization that works daily to strengthen and defend the rights of working families by promoting policies that safeguard personal freedom, economic liberty, the rule of law, and property rights, and foster limited government. Sixty-four independent state nonprofit affiliates and over 90 associate partners make up the Network.


FreeTogether.org shares the stories of individual Americans working to build and maintain a free society founded on the principles of political liberty, private property, and personal responsibility.

FreeTogether.org is made possible by State Policy Network (SPN). SPN is the incubator and connector of the country’s leading state think tanks. Active in every state, these organizations educate the public and policy makers about ideas that preserve American freedoms and provide the greatest opportunities to improve the lives of everyday people.

SPN helps to identify practical solutions, provides development and networking opportunities for leaders across the U.S. who are working to make a difference in their communities, and promotes partnerships among state and local organizations working for positive change.